Tuesday 31 December 2013

Series that I discovered in 2014

I think the title says it all :D I was talking with a friend [Angela from Touch The Night]yesterday about our 2013 reading year and ended up promising her to write a post about new series that I read[aka devoured]. Here I am, I'll even try to organize on genres :D 

Fatal by Marie Force
It's a great romance suspense set in Washington D.C. Samantha is a detective and Nick a US senator, they meet again on a crime scene after 6 years and things spark, again. I loved reading about their relationship and how they made it work. Besides this, Nick is an amazing hottie :D

Foreign Affairs by Nikki Navarre
I started with the 2nd book, an ARC[the review is on the blog], having no idea it was a series and it was one of my favorite reads this year. I ended up nagging my friends into re-reading it with me :D

Erotic Romance
The Dartmouth Cobras by Bianca Sommerlander[Contemp]
It has hokey players, menage and BDSM. What's not to love?! Ms. Sommerlander writes great stories and doesn't lose body parts :D She also deals with how a real life menage would work and how gay men are seen in professional sports. It caught me from the start and it gets better with every book.

Mastered by Sierra Cartwright[Contemp]
Well written BDSM, I think it was my BDSM year :D

Masters and Mercenaries by Lexi Blake[Romantic Suspense]
The blend of love, family and work relationships is very well done and the action is as well. Me and Maru have some reviews here, on the blog :)

Furry United Coalition by Eve Langlais[PNR]
It's one of the funniest series I have ever read! I couldn't stop laughing while reading the whole thing. 

Knights of the Board Room by Joey W. Hill[Contemp]
I don't know how to explain it, but this one is gripping!

Dark Haven by Cherise Sinclair[Contemp]
Cherise is the queen of BDSM romance. Enough said.

Stark Trilogy by J. Kenner[Contemp]
A lovely series with a billionaire ex-tennis player and a programmer ex-beauty pageant winner. Since I have a a thing for billionaires I just had to read it, the good thing is that it was good.

Up In The Air by R.K. Lilley[Contemp]
Billionaire, gripping action and not annoying characters[it's very important] :D

Beyond by Kit Rocha[SF kind of contemp?]
Sarah(from Feeling Fictional aka one of my DarkSider girls aka one of my BFFs) made us so curious about this dystopian erotic romance that we ended up buddy reading the 1st book in a weekend. I also gobbled up all the other books as fast as I could :D

Fitzhugh Trilogy by Sherry Thomas
I've read 3[THREE] books in 2 days between exams, it never happened to me before. She is my favorite historical author this year. She has beautiful prose and manages to write characters you can relate to even though they are aristos from the 1800s. I have to re-read this series to relive the experience :D

Scoundrels of St. James by Lorraine Heath
I listened to the audiobooks and Ms. Heath wrote fascinating characters. She became one of my auto-buys 

Highland Guard by Monica McCarty
It was a slow start for me, but the history caught me. Ms McCarty blends history(and she's almost always accurate about it and write great author notes :D) with romance and action and it gets me every time! 

Paranormal and Urban Fantasy

Vampires in America by D.B. Reynolds
This is my favorite new discovery in the PNR genre, I have all the books reviewed on the blog. The main couple in books 1 and 2 remind me of Raphael and Elena from the Guild Hunter series[the bestest series in the history of the Universe!], they are the connecting point of the whole series so I get to see them in every book. 

Darkyn by Lynn Viehl
This has a fascinating universe, I can't remember the action that well but I remember that it had me riveted. There are different couples in every book, but there is an overall thread that connects them and there are book hopping characters. It has a great vampire myth[Crusaders if I remember correctly] 


  1. Ahh love the list. Cherise, Langlais and Blake are on my favorites list :) And Cartwright is good too! I've only read a novella but really enjoyed it. Must try more of hers this year!

  2. All of these are, trust me. You have to try them.

  3. Angela_TouchtheNight4 January 2014 at 18:35

    Yes! Love this list! Look at all the new books/series for me to try :D

  4. I have tried others and finished or continuing them, but they aren't as good :D