Monday 9 December 2013

Quote-Tastic(13): "Achangel's Storm" by Nalini Singh

This meme is about sharing your favorite quotes and the books they come from!

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This week I'm finishing the series of Nalini Singh, Guild Hunter series, quotes with one from "Archangel's Storm". I know it's longer but I couldn't choose another one, it's just perfect! It shows the genius of Nalini in creating amazing relationships and showing the way they develop :)

“Who is that very pretty woman coming this way?”
Jason didn’t need to follow Venom’s gaze—he could feel Mahiya’s presence as a gentle heat against his wings. “The Princess Mahiya, and she is mine.” He had no right to make such a claim, but Venom had a way of charming women when he was in the mood, and Jason discovered he did not wish Mahiya to be charmed.
“Ah.” The vampire turned and jumped off the gate with an insouciant carelessness that had Mahiya’s hand slapping over her heart.
But Venom came to a crouching landing on his toes, lithe as a cat. Landing beside him, Jason watched Mahiya rather than Venom as the vampire rose and bent over her hand. “Impossible as it seems, I do not believe we have ever met.”
Mahiya’s fascinated gaze lingered on Venom’s eyes as he lifted his head and released her hand. “No . . . but I have heard of the vampire with the viper’s eyes. You were based at the Delhi court in the main.”
“I was,” Venom agreed, “but I visited here more than once. You must’ve been studying at the Refuge.”
“Yes. I believe you had sworn allegiance to Raphael by the time I returned to the fort.”
“It’s good to finally make your acquaintance,” she said to Venom, genuine warmth in her tone. “Neha has always said you were one of her proudest Makings.”
Venom’s grin was sharp, his next words directed at Jason. “Shall we meet over dinner?”
“Come to Mahiya’s palace.”
“Until then.” He kissed Mahiya’s hand again before departing.
Jason traced Mahiya’s profile with his gaze as she watched the vampire leave. “You had no hesitation in allowing him to touch you.”
“I think it was the shock first of all—those eyes . . .” She shook her head. “And then I saw he was your friend.”
A fine crack, something fundamental breaking inside him.
Mahiya continued to speak when he didn’t reply. “Neha has tried to recreate the effect you know, and some of her Made have the slightest sense of it, but never has she succeeded as she did with Venom.”
“He will be pleased to know he is unique,” Jason said, examining the fissure she’d created in his shields, the damage deep, repair no simple matter.

To read more about the series and the author visit Nalini Singh on her websiteblog or Facebook page.


  1. Ahhh you know I love me some Nalini Singh! Jason is one of my favorites of the Seven if not my fav. =) Tho I was really expecting something worse to have happened to him the way it was hinted at the first few books. Not that what did happen was good.

    -Amanda P

    Where the Night Kind Roam

  2. She said he will :D But it's not there yet :))

  3. Wickedly Delicious9 December 2013 at 17:28

    Aly I look forward to reading Jason's book. I have his up next the Guild Hunter series. Mine

  4. It's not. Next are Ashwini and Janvier
    It's great! Jason and Archangel's Legion rock(as the whole series does :D)

  5. Kimberly @ Turning The Pages10 December 2013 at 09:13

    Jason was just AWESOME and I can't wait to read Venom's book sometime.

    Thanks for stoppin' by my Quote-tastic post

    -Kimberly @ Turning the Pages

  6. I can't wait either... I an seeing him with the chick that survived Uram...forgot the name

  7. heck, I might have to read this just because there is a character named Venom!! Great passage!

  8. Me and Anna are doing a read-a-long in a few months if you might want to join :D