Sunday 23 March 2014

Mini-Review: The Powerpuff Girls Comic Vol. 2

Title: The Powerpuff Girls
Series: Powerpuff Girls Vol. 2 #1
Author: Troy Little

Citizens of Townsville, fear not! The Powerpuff Girls are back! In this IDW debut issue Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup are back to take down the meanest of the mean and the ugliest of the ugly! Plus, what fiendish secret is Mojo Jojo hiding? The answer is sure to surprise!

This was SO much fun! 

The artwork is exactly as the tv show I remember and the text matches it up perfectly. The Powrpuff Girls are as heroic as ever, Bubbles is so funny being a sweetheart to the villains, Buttercup needs anger management :D and Blossom always has the right answer. Mojjo Jojo wants to give up crime and he finds a very surprising way of doing it, but he is an ass even after... HIM has a surprising role in this comic, one that I totally didn't expect.

All in all, this comic made me feel young again and I recommend it to any child who wishes an easy and fun introduction to reading.

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