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Nalini Singh Q&A event from Facebook

Nalini was very gracious and generous and answered tons of questions on her FB page. I've collected them all and posted them here(with some small edits).

!!The questions have Archangel's Legion Spoilers!!

Q: My main question is what do Venom and Aodhan smell like to Elena? As we know everyone else but not them. Another one is will we ever find out about what happened to Aodhan to make him so adverse to touch?

Nalini Singh:  Venom smells very wild to her senses - he's like Naasir, in that he's very "other". Aodhan is an angel so that's slightly different as Elena's angel-sense is still developing and erratic. It's really only Raphael she can "scent" all the time.

Aodhan suffered an extremely traumatic event roughly two hundred years ago. I think it's something that needs to come out in a book rather than in a Q&A, so you'll have to wait for that answer I'm afraid.


Q: Will there be a civil war coming up amidst cadre? Since people are now forming alliance like Raphael Titus and Eli....

Nalini Singh:  There's already been one war, so another is very much a possibility. But as to when, that's an open question. It all depends on how the archangels' powers develop and whether some believe they can now eliminate or conquer the others (and also on their personalities).War is likely inevitable at some point. Alliances aren't yet all set in stone (though Raphael and Elijah are pretty solid). This is a time of flux and change.


Q: 1.Is Elijah gonna get his own short story/ novel?

2. Also, What is Calaine's new strength? She has just 'woken' and is also an archangel in midst of a Cascade.

4.Oh, and pls tell us Micheala's power??? Pls pretty pls

Nalini Singh:  1. I would like to write about Elijah (and Hannah), but it just depends on time.

2. Because Caliane has just woken, and also because of how she went into Sleep in the first place, her abilities are still settling - her muscles are still stretching after such a long Sleep. It'll take more time than with the others to figure out if she gained something.

3. Heh, heh, you'll have to wait and see


Q: Is Raphael legion going to become a big part of the serious??? Are you going to do a spinoff series???

Nalini Singh: The Legion is now part of the series but whether you see a lot or a little of them will depend on each particular story. At this stage, I don't foresee a spinoff - I think there's room within this series to tell all the different stories I want to tell.


Q: 1.I'd really love to know whether Aden from Psy/Changeling will have his own story. I think there is so much more to him than what we've already seen.

2. Has Nikita Duncan a bit of the E-designation as well?

Nalini Singh 1. Aden will be getting his own story. It's highly likely it will be in Psy-Changeling #14, but I need to finish writing SHIELD OF WINTER before I can confirm for certain.

2. No.


Q: These are my questions: 1. Will the next archangel book be about Rafael and Elena again?

2. Spoilers: what are the legions ? Why do they recognize both Rafael and Elena ?

3. Spoiler: what is Naasir?

4. Spoiler: are aodhan and ilium gay?

Nalini Singh:  1. No. I'm pretty certain the next book will feature Ashwini and Janvier. It may have a partially overlapping timeline with ARCHANGEL'S LEGION, so we get to find out what they got up to with Naasir

2. That is the question to which everyone wants an answer (even Elena and Raphael), but it's something to be discovered in the series.

3. That's what Elena wants to know. What IS he????

4. No. They are best friends who have missed one another for the two centuries that Aodhan withdrew from the world.


Q: 1. Are Elena and Raphael going to be parents one day? I know Raphael expressed interest in Archangel's Consort.

2. Will Illuim get his own book?

Nalini Singh 1. I think they'd both like to have children one day, but it won't be anytime soon at all. Angels live thousands upon thousands of years and Elena is a baby in angelic terms. She's still learning who she is, still making mistakes. She's not yet strong enough to protect her child (Of course she knows Raphael would protect their baby with every ounce of his power, but this is Elena. She needs to know she could be an equal partner in caring for their child).

Also, with the current unrest in the world, they wouldn't take the risk of bringing another innocent into it. This is a time of war and change and they're both in the middle of it.

2. I would like to write about Illium, but he's not ready yet. As a writer, I can feel the rhythm of a character's life, and the rhythm of his hasn't yet hit the point where it's time for him to take center stage.


Q: will Aodhan and Illium remain friends or are they on their way to a more romantic relationship?

Nalini Singh: They are friends, best friends. I'm equal opportunity with writing friendships - we often see female friendships in books, but I think male friendships can be just as powerful (example, Raphael and Dmitri).


Q: Any plans for Aodhan and Illium to give them their HEA?? Pleeeease with a cherry on top.

Nalini Singh:  Illium - answered above. Same for Aodhan, Venom, and Naasir. It's not time yet for their stories. I really don't want to rush it - I feel I did Jason and Dmitri justice in their books. They were two very different books for two very different characters. I want to have that same feeling of rightness when I start to write the books for the remaining members of the Seven.


Q: Because we saw the birth of so many alliances with other archangels in this book, where will that leave Michaela since she's so untrustworthy and conniving?

Nalini Singh: You never know with Michaela. She can be extremely charming when she puts her mind to it, and she's highly intelligent. Don't ever underestimate her.


Q: Are more books about the psy/changelings after vasic' book planed?

Nalini Singh: I'm currently contracted for one more book after Vasic's, but I have ideas for plenty more stories. The world is a sprawling one and I'd like to explore every corner of it.


Q: Will there be a novella about Hannah and Elijah? Or Keir?

Will there be more about Elena's mom's history?

Do you have an idea on how many more books in this series? And/or how many more in the Psy-Changeling series?

Nalini Singh 1. Answered elsewhere in thread (same applies to Keir).

2. Yes.

3. I'm contracted to book #8 in this series, and book #14 in the Psy-Changeling series. I think both series have the potential for more books, so that's something I'll discuss with my publisher when we get to that point.


Q: 1. What are the boundaries to Raphael's territory? Does it include Canada? Where does Elijah's territory begin?

2. Will we ever learn more about the Hummingbird?

Nalini Singh 1. Yes it includes Canada (his territory covers North America while Elijah's territory covers South America).

2 . Yes, most likely in Illium's book when that happens.


Q: 1.Did Caliane send Tasha or did she come to NY to help with the fighting AND try to get Raphael back?

2. Are the Legion from Atlantis. All those dreams...were they tests- the Hudson turning Red-was that from the enemy or from a Legion test?

3. If Raphael had given into the cold the Legion would not have come, correct they are from the "earth/Life and that means Elena and Raphael’s combined their hearts /minds and body...

 Nalini Singh: 1. Tasha came on her own.

2. No. Some of it was a test, but some of it was simply the Legion attempting to pass on power to Raphael. That's what happened with the blood red river.

3. There are two different things here. Raphael was going cold/acting out of character in this book because he's not ready to accept the Legion's power, so it was having a bad effect. HOWEVER, the Legion would not have woken for who Raphael was before Elena - the path he was walking would've taken him away from the Legion and the power of the earth/of life.


Q: The aeclari, is it the unique love between Raphael & Elena & the fact that an archangel fell in love with a mortal?

Nalini Singh All interpretations welcome at this point! No one quite knows what it is (except the Primary, and we've seen how forthcoming he is!).


Q: 1. Where's the refuge located?

2. Do you use a current world map? I always though of it as being in Austria, and that not being part of the guild hunter world discovered by humans.

3. Do you have a drawing of hot Raphael's mark looks like in your mind

Nalini Singh:  1. There are subtle clues in the books as to its location, because it is a particular location and that's never changed from the time I began writing the series, so I'll leave that up to you to puzzle over.

2. I do use a current world map. The Refuge is located in a part of the world people *think* they know, and yet that is hidden from their view by both the natural geography/weather, and angelic powers.

3. No. I have a visual in my mind, but I'm not sure I could do it justice.


Q: Will any other sleeping Archangels wake up in the next book? Will the next book continue where this one left off or will it be about one of the other angels? Is Caliane sane?

Nalini Singh: There's a real chance more Sleeping archangels will wake. Not sure if it'll be in the next book though (details about that in another answer).

Caliane - that remains an open question.


Q: 1. What language is aeclari? if not what language did you get it from?

2.The Cascade made the angels fall or Raphael's new...I don;t what to call it? Charisemnon (How does one pronounce his name?) is the cause of the pox, correct?

Is there still going to be that new Archangel that was mentioned in Angels' Blood?

 If someone leaves the Seven, will Raphael have to fill the gap or can and will it be the Six?

Nalini Singh 1. It's part of no known world language as far as I know. I spent a long time making as sure of that as I could, as it's a mystery and meant to be a mystery until Elena and Raphael themselves figure it out.

2. The Falling was most likely initiated by Charisemnon (Ka-ree(short sound)-sem-non), when he tried to seed the sky with disease. No one has any proof of this as yet, but it's pretty clear he's the disease-bringer, and what hit the angels was most probably an attempt at a disease. (It failed, probably because he's just not that powerful, but it pushed them into unconsciousness just long enough to cause them to fall). And yes, he was behind the pox.

3. There is an angel on the brink of ascending to archangelhood, but time is relative to immortals. "brink" to them could mean in the next hundred years, for example.

4. It would not be easy to replace one of the Seven, nor would Raphael try. Each of this Seven is bonded to him in a different way - they came together as a unit naturally, man by man.


Q: Will the story ever take us to a place where we get to see Raphael-Elena with all the seven with their mates??!

Nalini Singh:  I guess it depends how long the series continues for!


Q: 1.The Legion tells Raphael that they woke in part because he rejected the power, so they're going to use it until he's ready to accept it. What is the power going to be?

2.When is Elena going to get her powers?

3.Will the bond between R and E strengthen so she'll be able to pull power from him, like he did from her?

4.How long is the crazy China angel going to be down?

5.Have you started working on the next one yet?

Nalini Singh: 1. At present, they are the repository of the power and it's manifestation. When it moves to Raphael, who he is at that time will shape how it manifests.

2. Elena is a baby angel. Her very musculature is still developing. Power is a long way off.

3. Their bond - we're going to wait and see. Things are changing so much with the abilities of the Cadre that it's hard to predict.

4. Lijuan - at least a few months, maybe longer (if she's alive, which is highly likely).

5. Next book - no. I'm currently working on Psy-Changeling #13.


Q: Is Nazarach related to Raphael? And if he is what is the relationship?

Nalini Singh: No.


Q: This is a very scary question for us, fans: Is there a possibility of major character/s death on both the Psy-Changeling or Guild Hunter Series?

Nalini Singh: To kill a major character would, I think, be a betrayal of my readers. For me, a hopeful ending is really important, and I don't think that could happen if a major character died.

I write about families (whether of blood, through pack, or via friendship) and such a death would equal the loss of a member of the family. That grief would permeate the entire book, and the rest of the series, because I'm not the kind of writer who can just forget such grief. I know the characters would continue to hurt and that hurt would color multiple books.

How could we ever have a happy ending in such circumstances? And I love the hope of a happy ending.


Q: I'm really curious about Nadiel. What does he look like?

Why did Michaela pretend to be with child?

Nalini Singh: Did I never describe Nadiel? Hmm, must fix that.

Michaela - who knows how her mind works??!


Q: Will we see more psy-changeling books with Snowdancer and Dark River main characters

Nalini Singh: Yes


Q: About Raphael's healing power- Were you inspired by the ''real'' archangel?

Nalini Singh: No, just happy coincidence!


Q: 1) Will the next book also be Elena and Raphael's book?

2) Will Illium ascend to become an archangel anytime soon? (it'll be so sad to see him leave Raphael's Seven)

3) Will we know more about the Legion later on?

4)  Can Lijuan be killed? Im so blood thirsty, i want to see her dead already! LOL

Nalini Singh

1. No, afraid not.

2. No, he's still quite young. Remember Raphael was the youngest archangel in known history, and he was a thousand years old at the time.

3. Yes.

4. She is a very old immortal, so it'll take a lot to kill her.


Q: Will bluebell still have a strong relationship with rapheal when he gets stronger? I was as sad as Ellie when she realized he may no longer be so close to her one day

Nalini Singh: I think Bluebell will always have a strong relationship with Raphael and Elena. They're an integral part of his life.


Q: Who is the angel on the cusp of becoming an Archangel, I remember Raphael saying there was one but not who it was?

Nalini Singh: You haven't met this angel.


Q: Because the Legion answer to both Raphael and Elena, does that mean Elena will develop a mark like Raphael's?

Nalini Singh: No. Elena's ability to speak to them comes via Raphael (because she's his consort). She isn't old or strong enough to control them on her own.


Q: You spent a lot of time describing the mark on Raphael's face. Is there any artwork of it posted on-line?

Nalini Singh: Not as far as I know.


Q: 1. Will there be any more Elena and Rafael books?

2. Any short stories on the Dark River leopards and the wolves?

Nalini Singh 1. Yes.

2. Yes, there will be a DarkRiver novella out late next year.


Q: Is Tasha going to be in the future books?

And any plans on telling the story how the guild was created (like, the first hunter/huntress)?

Nalini Singh 1. I think Tasha will be around here and there.

2. Story of the Guild - not at this stage.


Q:  Ransom & his librarian are going have their own stories or be further developed in upcoming books?

Will you be telling more about Naasir? Jason & his princess? Sarah & Deason? Montgomery? Neha & her twin? Basically everyone!

Can you give us a definite hint about Elena’s relationship with her mother-in-law? Will that begin to reach at least cordial levels?

Any chance of a short story about a ladies night out with Elena, Mele, Hannah, Mahiya & Sara?

 Will Rapheal introduce Titus and Elena in an upcoming story?

 Nalini Singh Ransom and his librarian: I'd love to do a novella about them at some stage

You'll see characters as needed for each story.

Elena and Caliane's relationship is still in the very early stages. Like most women with their mothers-in-law, it'll take time

Ladies night - who knows?! It depends if they're all in the same area at the same time.

Titus has met Elena (in Beijing). I don't think it was on the page, but they have met.


Q: Will jefferey and Raphael ever meet face to face or will the kill instinct in Raphael prevent that entirely?

Nalini Singh I'm pretty sure this would be too volatile a situation, so for right now, they can't meet.


Q: How do you manage to keep track on so many characters at once?

Nalini Singh: They're people to me, each one unique. So it's not hard - I just go chat to them like friends


Q: I love Hawke and Sienna in the Psy/Changeliing series they are my favorite couple wil be seeing them again? or are you moving away from Snowdancer and Dark River and moving on to different packs or characters?

Nalini Singh Yes, you will. You'll see both SD and DR in SHIELD OF WINTER.


Q: what happened to the arrow squad that was hiding in Venice, they didn't take action against pure psy? are there working more closely with the human alliance?" I love to know stuff about small part in the plot that are not developed more, like them or the little boy that jude is helping

Nalini Singh: The Venetian Arrows did act, but covertly, as they can't have their cover blown. You'll hear more about them in SHIELD OF WINTER. William, the boy Judd is helping, is doing well. He will likely make another appearance at some stage.


Q: Will you ever tell us the stories of the parents? (Kincaid, snow, smith, hunter, riviere) or how nate found out that tammy is pregnant? would love to read that

Nalini Singh: Parents - Maybe of the couples that got a happy ever after. It'd be too sad to write about the couples that only had a short time together

Nate and Tammy - that'd be a cute short story for sure. It's on the list (the verrrrry long list!)


Q: how about Anthony Kyriakus(sp) and Nikita Duncan... Is that a romance behind the scenes??

Nalini Singh: Only those two know what's going on there


Q: Will Amara ever get her own story?

Nalini Singh: No, I don't foresee this. She's too damaged to ever have any kind of an ordinary romance.


Q: With dimitri coming back to the tower for the battle where was Honor?

Will we see what happens to Sorrow?

Nalini Singh: Honor was with Dmitri at the Tower, working with the Guild operations team. (page 398)

Sorrow - we'll find out more about her as the series continues.


Q: will Elena's Guard be getting more members? Anyone we already know? I love seeing Izak again. So adorable. And am rooting for Vivek.

Also what does the white fire of Raphael's wings mean? Is it evidence of another power?

Nalini Singh: It'll grow as the Seven grew - slowly and naturally.

The white fire is evidence he's changing, growing. That change has barely begun.


Q: 1 the future...get books about Elena's Guard? I’m immensely curious about it. Seeing the birth with Izzak as the first one. Made me so giddy for more.

2. Would that Tasha stay at Manhattan? (I HATE HER!)

Nalini Singh: 1. You mean more information about the Guard? Yes, you'll get that, as they're part of Elena's life. I don't foresee any books anytime soon at all. Izak is far too young and Vivek has his mind on other matters. Sam is a baby.

2. Yeah, she's hanging around.


Q: You've started moving outside of the US a lot more when it comes to settings for the Psy/Changeling series have you any new settings/places in mind for upcoming books?

Nalini Singh: The next book is actually set mostly in the US


Q: What was up with Michaela and the fake pregnancy?

Nalini Singh You tell me. I can't predict anything Michaela does. (00)


Q: 1. Why didn't Elena whoop some Tasha ass when she was touching Raphael in an obviously inviting manner? Raphael goes crazy jealous when it comes to Elena, so why can't she?

2. Is there going to be a Jeffrey/Raphael face off? I just want Raphael to tell Jeffrey something so bad!

3. Why is Lijuan still alive? It seems pointless to keep bringing her back because she can't be killed. Can Caliane and Raphael kill her in the next book? She needs to die.

4. Will Elena get some angel powers soon? I know she is a baby, but she is the consort to an archangel and it would be nice if she could command a little more respect and put Tasha in her place hehehe

Nalini Singh 1. Because Elena knew that was what Tasha wanted. She wasn't about to play into Tasha's plans. (Not that she won't whoop Tasha if the other woman continues to annoy her).

2. Right now, Jeffrey would end up dead if they were in a room together.

3. This is a world of immortals - while they *can* be killed, it's very, very hard. To alter that without laying the foundations would break the rules of the world itself. No one even knows if she can be killed.

4. Elena's body itself is still developing (vertical takeoffs, for example, are so, so hard for her). Power is long way off.


Q: Will Aden have a large role in Vasic's story? Will we finally learn about Aden's and Walker's subtle abilities in Shield of Winter?

Nalini Singh Yes to Q#1. No to #2. That will come in Aden's book.


Q: Will Sascha’s mom ever change and love her daughter and grandaughter ?

Nalini Singh Nikita is difficult to predict or to read. No one knows what's going on in her head. She's really a character with whom you need to read between the lines.


Q: The Legion are so INTERESTING. Raphael will have their power soon- which will make him a warrior like no other. Will the Legion Primary develop a sense of self?

Nalini Singh When Raphael is ready to take the power, the Primary will have a choice to make - whether to stay in the world or to leave to Sleep again.


Q: Would love more about the other SD lieutenants. Dying to know whats going on between Kenji & Jem (the suspicious black eye at Hawke & Sienna's mating ceremony).

Would also love to know more about BlackSea & WindHaven.

Nalini Singh Kenji and Jem - I definitely need to write a novella to explain what's up there! BlackSea and WindHaven - I intend to explore them after this story arc ends.


Q: Psy-Changeling: Will Hawke & Sienna have a child? Also we know that Walker & Lara are planning of having a child, does this happen anytime soon? What caused the friction between Ben & Marlee? Do any other Snowdancers & Darkriver soilders/novs get together (Rory & Noelle)? Do we have a story on Rats?

Nalini Singh: Hawke and Sienna - as they discussed in KISS OF SNOW, this isn't something they can think about at this time. Not only is Sienna very young, but she's still getting a handle on her power.

Walker and Lara - they're working on it so wish them luck

Ben and Marlee - I've actually written a scene for the next book that'll answer this question. If I have to delete it, I'll put it on the website.

SD & DR - I'm sure that's happening behind the scenes. Nothing out in the open as yet.

Rats - not yet.


Q: I'm curious, why write more than one series at a time? I would think it would be much easier to just concentrate on one at a time.

Nalini Singh I didn't intend to write two series at a time. Angels' Blood was meant to be a stand alone, but once I began writing, it became clear this was a series. So I ran with it. I actually like having two such different series - it means I always come into a book fresh, ready to return to the world I haven't seen for several months.


Q: Is it possible that Ellie’s transition, ie the ambrosia, is an early symptom of the Cascade?

Which couple is most likely to have children first (my vote is Galen/Jessamy)

Nalini Singh: That could be argued. Or it could be argued that Caliane's awakening was the first sign. No one can really know - it's up to you how you interpret the events.

Children - I don't know. It's going to be a surprise for me too!


Q: Will Michaela get a true love interest and will Elena and her father's relationship ever improve?

Nalini Singh: Michaela is with Dahariel, but it's a bit dysfunctional. So I guess we'll see where that goes. Re Elena and Jeffrey - I don't know. Their's is a sad and complicated relationship.


Q: Will Venom and Sorrow ever find romance together?

Will Alice from the Psy/Changling Series be a main character in a book soon?

Will Tasha continue to pose a threat to Elana?

Nalini Singh 1. I'm not sure if Venom and Sorrow are right for one another. We shall see.

2. Alice - No, not soon.

3. Tasha isn't a threat to Elena. Just an annoyance. Like a gnat.


Q: Do you have any plans for making another short story collection like Angel's Flight?

Nalini Singh: It usually takes two or three years to collect together enough novellas, but I'd definitely do it again (just depends on time and whether I write more novellas for the series).


Q: Will Eve have her own story? Has Illium's (sorry if I miss-spelled his name) future mate already made an appearance in this series?

Nalini Singh: Eve is very young right now, so she needs to grow up first. (I don't like to skip time, as we miss out on lots of things in the intervening years).

Illium - there is a possibility for him, but I don't want to jinx it by talking about it. I'm going to leave things to develop as they will and see what happens.


Q: Will Matthias get his own book?

Nalini Singh: Yes, I think so. Not super soon, but he's definitely a character I want to write about.


Q: Will you go back to the DRs? Maybe a story for kit, rina, mercy's brothers, amara etc? And more about the SDs and the other changeling groups?

Nalini Singh: Yes, there will be more DR stories. There will be a novella next year featuring Mercy's brother, Bastien. I haven't spoken about it because it's not scheduled for release till December 2014, but it's already complete and really fun. We get to see the whole Smith family, plus others in DarkRiver.

We'll also see SD again. They appear in SHIELD OF WINTER.


Q: Is Vasic's story a tear jerker? My heart just smiles at the thought of him in love!!!

Nalini Singh It's very Vasic, that's what I'll say.


Q: Will we find out about Kenji and Jem soon? Pretty please??

Nalini Singh Hopefully! Just depends if I have time to write a novella for them.


Q: I wonder why you decided not to allow Raphael to be able to control his ability and what the heck was it exactly? Why not let Raphael become the strongest archangel? Was that simply so that the Legion could be brought into the book, or will this be answered in the next coming books?

Nalini Singh This was how the story developed. And it makes logical sense - Raphael is the youngest of the archangels, and this is a great power. There will be "growing pains" as he develops in power and strength.

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