Monday 11 November 2013

Quote-Tastic(9): "Angel's Blood" by Nalini Singh

This meme is about sharing your favorite quotes and the books they come from!

It is Hosted by Anna at Herding Cats and Burning Soup.

This week I chose a scene from another book by Nalini Singh[challenge accepted Anna ROTFL].I present you "Angel's Blood" by Nalini Singh:

Elena talking with her friends :))

“He was trying to make me his bed buddy. I declined. He gave chase."
... "How, exactly, did you 'decline' his offer?"
"By slitting his throat."
The silence in the garage was broken only by the sound of water drip-dripping somewhere in the distance. Sara just stared. So did Ransom. Then the idiot male started laughing hysterically. He laughed so hard he fell off the bike and onto the scarred concrete of the garage floor. Even that didn't stop him.
Elena would've kicked him, except he'd probably use the chance to pull her down with him. "Shut up before I do the same to you."
He tried to stop laughing. Failed. "Jesus, Ellie. You are awesome!”

The 2nd scene, Elena and Raphael in bead, for the 1st time if I remember correctly. Don't read it if you're not at least 18 years old! 

“Oh, this is a special blend for you." Taking one of the fingers she hadn't licked, he rubbed it along her lips. "What we usually shed is apparently comparable to the most delicious of chocolates or the finest of wines. Decadent, rich, and very expensive."
She told herself she wasn't going to lick the glitter off her lips. "And this blend?" The taste was inside her mouth without her having any knowledge of taking it in. And Raphael was incredibly close, his wings creating a white gold wall all around them his hands strong and warm on her hips. "What's so special about it?"
"This blend," he murmured, bending his head, "is about sex."
She put her hands on his chest but it wasn't a protest. After the blood, the fear, she needed to touch him, to know this glorious creature existed. "Another form of mind control?"
He shook his head, his mouth a hairbreadth from hers. "It's only fair."
"Fair?" She flicked her tongue along his lower lip. It made his hands clench on her hips.
"If I licked you between your thighs, your taste would have the same aphrodisiac effect on me.”

After reading those excerpts don't you want to read the whole books? I know I love re-reading them.

To read more about the series and the author visit Nalini Singh on her websiteblog or Facebook page.

PS: Anna I'll add excerpts from every book :))


  1. HAH, I really like that first excerpt. Way to go Elena!

  2. That's what I thought as well :D

  3. I love the excerpts! I have been meaning to read something by Nalini Singh.

  4. Et tu Brute? You and Anna are a work in progress :))

  5. Give me this as a Christmas present? Read this 1st book? Pretty please? ;;)

  6. Mean, mean, mean. I want to read this, but honestly don't have time yet. I am trying to block off some time next month.

  7. Yay! I hope you love it as much as I do!