Wednesday 12 November 2014

Nalini Singh Q and A FB, 12.11.2014

Some Q have spoilers, proceed with care!

Will Jessamy visit New York any time soon? Loved seeing Trace again in Archangel's Shadows
Nalini Singh It's very possible. 

Raven Phillips Click Will Raphael be able to heal Jessamy with his new white fire?
Nalini Singh Unknown as yet, as Raphael's abilities are still nascent.

Will Raphael and Elena return as main characters in a book after Archangel's Shadows?
Nalini Singh Yes! They won't be main characters in the next book, but they will definitely be returning.

Will we ever find out more about Andre Tulane?'
Nalini Singh I actually think about Andre and Amberleigh quite often. If nothing else, I'd like to revisit them in a short story, as I feel their story needs completion.

Will there be more on Hawke and sienna? And their growing bond?
Nalini Singh Yes. We'll be returning to the changelings soon, and when we do, we'll see these two again 

Am fascinated to hear what Stefan's been doing down at the bottom of the sea. Any idea when that might show up?
Nalini Singh I'm working on this anthology in my "spare" time  I actually haven't even contracted it because I'm not sure when I'll be able to complete it, but I am hoping it'll be done sometime next year. Just keep an eye on the blog - I 'll keep updating the info post as I complete each story in the proposed collection.

How about an Archangel/Psy-Changeling crossover? That would be fabulous! All the boys would have to fight over who is top dog/cat/archangel!
Nalini Singh Lol! Alas that would break the rules of both worlds.

Have you a special reason to tell so little about Nadiel? (Have been thinking about it for 3 years or so.)
Nalini Singh I try only to share the information that is necessary for that particular story. Nadiel is important but only as part of Raphael's past (and that of the angelic people).

Will the next book be about Naasir?
Nalini Singh I haven't yet decided for sure, but he is ready...and he's very impatient, so there's a good chance! 

Will elena and Raphael have children in the future?
Nalini Singh Not at this stage - Elena is very, very young in angelic terms. She needs time to grow into her own strength. And remember, we're talking about immortals, so she has thousands of years to have children.

Do you have any ideas for new series percolating?
Nalini Singh Always  I have a great new paranormal idea, but I don't want to start a third series just yet. I'll likely work on it in the background for now.

What is the best thing and the worst thing of writing the GH and Psy-Changelings' series?
Nalini Singh It's not really a "worst" but the hardest thing is definitely keeping track of all the tiny details - but that's what makes a good series, so I'm very compulsive about it! I LOVE the sense of family you get over each series, as we get to see couples settle into their relationships, children grow up, others (like Kit and Izzy) start to grow into their skins.

The last books in your psy changeling series are about psy-psy pairings, will we see another psy-changeling one instead?
Nalini Singh Yep.

Will there be any more human-angel pairings in the Guild Hunter series?
Nalini Singh That possibility remains open.

Hi Nalini! Do you already know what will be the ending of your Guild Hunter series or you'll just see what happens in the future?
Nalini Singh I do know the ending. I think that's important for a series - everything is leading to something.

Do you have a story arc and end point in mind for the series ( whichever one as I love all your writing) or does the story evolve as each book unfolds.
Nalini Singh Snap, just answered above  Basically yes, I do have an "end point" in mind when I start a series. There is some flexibility in that - for example, the Psy-Changeling series will soon be in "Season Two" because of a natural outcome of events in "Season One". However, each of those seasons has it's own ending/finale as well. I like to have a payoff as a reader myself so that's how I write.

After reading Archangel's Shadow, it seems Illium may be headed some place dark. Will we be seeing rough waters ahead for everyones favorite beautiful blue winged angel?
Nalini Singh You'll have to wait and see...

Hi Nalini! What's your personal favorite Psy/Changeling book? 
Nalini Singh No way to choose! I always love the book I'm working on at that moment, so right now, it's Shards of Hope. If you'd asked me last year, it would've been Shield of Winter!

I know you work on several different story lines at once. Do you ever find the characters trying to put themselves in a different story?
Nalini Singh You mean trying to take over? Not usually. When I get that sense, I usually know it's time for their own story. I'm flexible about that - while the overarching storyline has a certain arc, we can follow it through different characters' points of view, so I don't have a set order of stories in my mind.

Will all the 7 get books?
They'll all get stories - whether they're all full-length books remains to be seen.

How many books are still under contract?
I'm contracted to book 8, but nobody panic - we usually go to contract again when I get to the final book in the current contract. 

Will you write a novella about Elijah and Hannah?
I'd like to, yes.

Will we find out more about what's between Nikita and Anthony?
Nikita and Anthony appear again in SHARDS OF HOPE.

You said something about writing a novella about an Arrow(Stefan?). Is it in an anthology with other authors or one like Wild Invitation?
Something like Wild Invitation - just Psy-Ch stories, all new. 

When will the pupcubs be born?
Nalini Singh Book 15 (book after SHARDS OF HOPE).

Will there be years between season one and season two of the Psy-Changlings series? 
Nalini Singh No, the timeline will be continuous - if we jump that many years, we won't get to hear the stories of the remaining SD lieutenants for example, or find out what happens with Kaleb and Sahara, Hawke and Sienna as they grow into their relationships.

Since Jax resets the physical brain, could it be repaired by Keenan and Noor's healing ability? (Not saying they should be used thusly, but just wondering)
Nalini Singh Yes, but no one knows how much energy that might take, and they are only small.

Will we see more of Zach and Annie?
Nalini Singh Oh yes

Any chance Sara, Deacon, or future Zoe will be turned and/or be part of Elana's guard?
Nalini Singh No, I don't think so. Sara is the head of the Guild and that is her responsibility. She can't do both. And Deacon is with her - these two are a unit and happy to burn brightly together. As for Zoe, she's only a babe yet, so her future is wide open.

Will we see Sorrow in the next book? And Vivek?
Nalini Singh I'm not sure yet. I haven't started writing it - ask me in a few months time 

Will Lijuan be making a comeback?
Nalini Singh You never know with Her Evilness... Remember, archangels are very difficult to kill, and she's become very powerful.

Will any of the other Archangels get their story?
Nalini Singh I would definitely like to write about Elijah and Hannah. And Titus is growing on me  So I'm keeping an open mind.

Are the Legion comprised of men only?'
Nalini Singh I don't think the Legion consider themselves men or even human. But yes, their form is the male form.

Will we be hearing Illium's story on his love of a mortal and the subsequent loss of her and his wings?
Nalini Singh Only as it's relevant to his current story.

When you're writing your books, do you listen to music? Or do you have any kind of 'ritual' that helps and inspires you?
Nalini Singh I do sometimes listen to music - just depends on my mood. No real rituals. When at home, I do like to clear my emails and have a cup of tea before getting down to work, but otherwise, it's sit down (or stand up!) and write! Because I love to travel, I've taught myself to write in planes, trains, wherever I am.

Will we see Emmett taking over his father role?
Nalini Singh It's possible. Changelings don't really pass on duties from parent to child, but as they both work as trainers, Emmett would naturally be in line should Cian want to retire (as it is, they often work together anyway, and Emmett holds a senior position too).

Nalini, who has been your most difficult character to write?
Nalini Singh No comment 


  1. I'm progressing in the Psy-changeling series and absolutely loved it, Nalini Singh captured me with her world and the characters' relationships, the warmth that comes out of it :)