Sunday 15 December 2013

Psy-Changeling Read-A-Long: Slave to Sensation

The Read-A-Long has officially started!

The first book we're reading is Slave to Sensation. It's the introduction to the amazing world Nalini has created and to her lovely characters(just so you know some of the dudes are taken *clears throat*). We'll meet the Psy Council, the DarkRiver pack(leopard shifters), we'll get to learn the rules of this slightly advanced universe and some of the major players in the series. It will be mag! 

Nalini's Website(here you can find deleted scenes, info about the other books and series Nalini has, free short stories, etc)

Some talking points after reading the book:
-your favorite character is...
-quotes that caught your attention
-what do you think of this universe?
-what would you have done in Sascha's place?
-aren't the names cool(I have a character name obsession :D)?
-what do you think of the Silence protocol? 
-what would you change in the book?
-what character would you love to learn more about? 

If you want to know the reading schedule or when the chats are go to the Psy-Changeling page.

Those who haven't signed up yet can do so now:

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