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Guest post: Syla Colt

Trying new things.

I always strive to try new things, whether it’s a new recipe, a new restaurant, or a new genre. That’s why I’m known as a genre hopper. ( Which I love) Wesson Rebels M.C.: Always, represented a lot of firsts for me. While I’ve written in the M.C. world before, the books weren’t novel lengths, or so edgy. I delved deep with this romance, pushed boundaries, and touched on the taboo. I wanted to step out of my comfort zone, and properly represent the M.C. Lifestyle. I spent time getting my facts from Old ladies, and their version of M.C. life was very different. I hope I’ve done them proud with this re-telling.

Told from the first person point of view, it takes you through the lives of four different people who grew up in Wesson Rebels M.C., Cora, Rowan, Danny, and Dallas. They have highs, lows, demons, and saving moments. I won’t promise you the book is always easy to read, some of it’s raw, rough, and heartbreaking. But I do believe it’s worth it in the end.


I never understood the phrase there’s a thin line between love and hate, until Dallas Wesson and I, became us.
The beautiful green-eyed biker with the broken soul tantalizes me with glimpses of the man behind the vest. He‘s gravity. I have no choice but to return to him, regardless of what it costs me. Our story is messy, unconventional, uninhibited, and insane. Still, it’s real, and until now it’s always been more than enough. I’m broken, bleeding out, and completely wrecked. I walk away. Yet, he refuses to let me go. Because no matter how much I resist him we both know what lies between us is for always.



Dan Wesson and I have pretty much always been two peas in a pod. We liked the same things, had similar quirks and when we were old enough, developed a mutual crush. Despite the craziness around us while growing up in the Wesson Rebel MC, our love came natural and easy.

Danny, better known by his road name Samson and I were anchors in an ever-shifting sea of insanity. With his broad shoulders, six foot four frame and light brown hair that dusted his shoulders, he was a warrior with the heart of a poet and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

For me, his hazel eyes are always warm and full of love, but they can turn cold and make his expressive face a thing to fear. With a strong jaw line and rugged features to go with his size, he’s damn intimidating when he wants to be.
It’s our big going away party at the club and though I won’t admit it out loud, I’m worried as fuck about my girl. Cora Curtis has been my best friend for as long as I can remember. We’ve done everything together and I do mean everything. Leaving her behind for the next two years is going to be difficult, especially with her on again off again relationship with Dallas. I peer up at my boyfriend and wonder how two people from the same gene pool could be so drastically different. I wish she could’ve fallen for someone easier, softer, like Joker or Cowboy, but it’s always been Dallas. From the minute she was born, that boy took one look into her eyes and they bonded. Some would say the same about Dan and me. In a place full of round pegs, we were a little square.
“You’re going to miss our girl, Irish,” Dan says, pulling me close to his side.
“Yeah, no surprise there.” We shared everything. Might be the only way it would work with people like us, our boyfriends being brothers and us being raised in the life and no one batted an eye at the swapping we liked to do.
“She’s going to be fine, Dallas will take care of her and she’s got the rest of the club watching her back.”
“You know he can be such an asshole to her and so clueless. He breaks her heart on a monthly basis.” I sigh.
“Well, we are just two hours away. Not a problem to come kick his ass and get him straightened out,” he threatens.
I throw my head back and laugh. “Baby, you always did have a way with words.”
“I’m looking forward to having my own space with you.” We’re going back to get our Bachelors, so we’ve escaped the rules and regulations that keep freshman on campus.
“Me too, honey,” I say, sighing in bliss. Thoughts of snuggling in our bed and decorating our apartment fill my head.
“Speak of the devil,” Dan says, nodding toward Cora.

She comes down the hallway headed straight for us. I open my arms, and she walks into my embrace. “Hey,” I say.
“Hey,” she whispers.

I can feel her sadness. She’s getting hit twice as hard with Dan leaving too. He’s the soft, sweet and the quiet she needs after coping with Dallas ’ loud, aggressive and very possessive, energy twenty-four seven.

Dan steps behind her and rubs her back.

I run my fingers through her thick hair.
“We’re not gone yet,” Dan says.
“I know, just getting in all my snuggles while I can.” Cora moves away and smiles.
“Girls, I repeat…two hours away,” Dan reminds us.
“I’m going to miss you too Danny,” Cora replies.
He melts. Cora’s got this softness to her that keeps us all from getting too hard. We’re a machine in a way, each of us playing an important part. This separation will be a test.

Author Info

Shyla Colt is a quirky genre hopping rule breaker looking to diversify romance and take readers on countless adventures. You never know where you'll end up or who you'll meet in one her books If you'd like to learn more or just drop a line, please check her out at

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