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Spotlight: Rekindled by Kaylea Cross

by Kaylea Cross
Genre: romantic suspsense
Tone: suspenseful
Heat Level: hot
Elements/Tags: romantic suspense, military romance, special ops romance
Publisher: Kaylea Cross
Publishing Date: Jan 21st, 2013
Series: Titanium Security Series, #5
Format: digital, print-on-demand
Words: 70,000


He left her when she needed him most...
Four years ago, Dr. Grace Fallon lost everything that mattered in a terrorist attack she barely survived. Now she’s stronger than ever and in Pakistan with a UN-sanctioned team for the most important assignment of her career. She’s dedicated her life to eradicating the world of chemical weapons, and long ago accepted the inherent risks associated with her job. Until the man whose memory has haunted her for so long suddenly reappears and inadvertently makes her the target of one of the most dangerous terrorists on the planet. Forced to accept Alex’s protection, it’s impossible to deny the white-hot attraction still burning between them. And while she trusts him to guard her from this new threat, Grace must once again decide whether to risk her heart to the man who once shattered her entire world.
Now he’ll risk everything to win her back...
Four years ago, NSA agent Alex Rycroft left Grace because had no choice. But never again. Malik Hassani has escaped custody, he’s on the run, and has locked onto Grace as a means to target Alex. This time Alex will do whatever it takes to protect her—and convince her to give them another chance. Walking away from her nearly destroyed him and now that she’s back in his life, he can’t let her go. When the unthinkable happens and Grace’s life hangs in the balance, he’ll sacrifice everything to save her—including himself.

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His jaw flexed. “I needed to talk to you.”

She felt her eyes pop wide. “Well too damn bad! I’ve got nothing to say to you, I thought I made that clear last time you contacted me. Now let me go and stay the hell away from me.”

Rather than apologize or appear embarrassed by his over-the-top behavior, he took a step closer and lifted a hand to cup the back of her neck, just below where her chin-length bob ended. His touch froze her. Firm, commanding, but tender. A lethal combination that had the power to bring her to her knees if she let it. His hand was warm, hard, and she remembered exactly how perfect it felt when he stroked it over her naked skin. She drew in a sharp breath, stiffened her spine.

Those sexy-as-hell eyes locked on hers, and in that moment she was suddenly terrified that he could see through the anger and resentment to the fear and hurt hidden inside her. To the shocking need only he’d been able to elicit from her. “Grace. I need to talk to you,” he said in a low voice. It was deeper than she remembered. And it still slid through her like warm honey, heating her blood, melting away the icy shock and replacing it with something that scared her far worse than this whole scenario had. “I’ve waited so long to tell you what I…” He shook his head tightly, the frustration pulsing off him in tangible waves. “Just give me a chance to explain. Please,” he added softly after a slight hesitation.

She huffed out an exasperated breath. The man had serious balls, to chase her down and corner her here like this in public while she was on a supposedly secret mission. Especially when she’d made it more than clear two years ago that she wanted nothing more to do with him. “Why the hell should I?”

“Because there’s so much I need to say that you weren’t willing to listen to before.”

She wanted to laugh at that, but none of this was funny. Not at all. “And you think I am now?” He’d shattered her trust, her entire world.

He shook his head once, regret etched into every line of his handsome face. “God, I hope so.”

For some reason the stupid, soft-hearted part of her wanted to believe him. Wanted to believe she’d meant more to him than just a means to an end on his last job in Kenya. It pissed her off.

Grace narrowed her eyes at him. “You don’t deserve the chance to explain. You don’t deserve jack from me.” She used the word deliberately, telling him exactly what she thought of him and his lies. She was shaking with a combination of anger and shock. And even then her body was at war with itself. Part of her wanted to ball her hand into a fist and punch him right in his handsome face, while the other wanted him to hold her in those strong arms and make everything okay. For him to say something that might make her understand his actions in Kenya, that might make her listen to his pleas for forgiveness.

He made a frustrated sound. “I know. Christ, you don’t think I know that? I’ve lived with my mistakes and regrets for four years, Grace, without being able to explain myself to you. All I’m asking is for you to listen.”

She searched his eyes, fighting the anger with effort. He seemed so earnest, so desperate for the chance to explain, and she couldn’t deny that a part of her longed for the closure. Maybe once she heard him out and had her final say, she’d be able to move on for good. But not here, not now. More people had gathered around to stare at them. She wanted to get out of here and the quickest way to do that was to agree to the talk. If she didn’t like what he had to say, she’d walk, pure and simple.

But first she intended to let him know he no longer held her under his spell the way he once had.

Raising her chin, Grace reached up and shoved his hand away from the back of her neck. “I’m busy until after dinner. You’ll have to meet me in the lounge of my hotel tonight at nine.” Her schedule, her terms.

Meet Author Kaylea Cross:

New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author Kaylea Cross writes edge-of-your-seat military romantic suspense. Her work has won many awards and has been nominated for both the Daphne du Maurier and the National Readers’ Choice Awards. A Registered Massage Therapist by trade, Kaylea is also an avid gardener, artist, Civil War buff, Special Ops aficionado, belly dance enthusiast and former nationally-carded softball pitcher. She lives in Vancouver, BC with her husband and sons.

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