Monday 27 January 2014

Quote-tastic(#19): "The Professional" by Kresley Cole

This meme is about sharing your favorite quotes and the books they come from!

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I chose the last Kresley Cole book that I have read, which coincidently is a very hot contemporary. The scene is one where the hero helps the heroine choose :D

“You know my intent isn’t to harm you,” he murmured. “Otherwise, I could have led you from that bar earlier, taking you somewhere for us to be alone.” My breaths went shallow at that. “Would you not have left with me?”
He leaned down to say at my ear, “That’s right, Natalya. You would have followed where I led.”
“Um . . . uh . . .” I was still recovering from the sound of my name in his raspy accent when I felt his warm breaths. Oh, God, had his lips ghosted over my ear? If his scent and heat had affected me, this grazing contact made my legs weak.
He drew back, expression inscrutable. “So why don’t you stop acting like you haven’t already made up your mind to come with me.”
“You were decided as soon as you heard the words Russia, father, and go.” His firm lips thinned, making that razor-slice scar whiten.
“That’s not necessarily true—”
“Time’s up, pet.” He bent down to loop an arm around my ass, hoisting me over his shoulder.  
"Put me down!" I screeched, wriggling over the Neanderthal’s shoulder as he strode out the front door. Cold air swept up my robe, chilling me in unfamiliar places. “You can’t do this!”
He tightened his grip on my ass. “Doing it.” His tone was casual; he wasn’t even out of breath.
Another futile round of squirming. “Please put me down. We’ll go back inside”—I’ll run away—“and then I can pack, just like you said.”
Three passersby ambled down the sidewalk, huge no-neck guys in letterman jackets. Husker football players! They stopped and gawked.
Hanging upside down, blood rushing to my head, I opened my mouth to scream for their help—then hesitated. Did I believe what Sevastyan had told me? Was I beset by an overbearing asshole of a bodyguard—or being abducted? If I screamed, the jocks would kick Sevastyan’s ass, which wouldn’t help me get to Russia—
This decision, just like the previous one, was yanked out of my hands. Sevastyan turned to face them, slowly shaking his head. Whatever look he gave them made three massive football playershotfoot the other way.
As they vanished, I pounded on Sevastyan’s back in frustration, stunned to feel a holster. He was carrying a gun! I didn’t have time to register my shock before he was shoving me into the front passenger seat of a luxe Mercedes.
As soon as he shut the door, I lunged for the handle, but he’d already clicked the lock, holding it down with the remote.
At his door, he gave me a look of warning through the window. He knew he’d have to release the lock button to get in, giving me a chance to escape. The unlock game. I would time it perfectly, reflexes like lightning—
Shit! He’d opened his door, then jammed the lock button back down before I could open my side!
He slid his big body into the car. “Better luck with that next time.”
“This is kidnapping!”
“I told you my intentions. Gave you a countdown.” He started the engine and pulled away from the curb. “Understand me, Natalie, I do exactly what I say I’ll do. Always.” He smoothly executed turn after turn, as if he knew this town as well as I did. “And right now I’m telling you that I will get you safely to your father in Russia.”
“How do you think you’ll get me through airport security like this?” I waved my hands to indicate my robe. “I don’t even have my purse!”
“We’re going to a private airport. And by the time we land in Moscow, you’ll have all new clothes brought to the jet.”
I can never choose short excerpts :))) 

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  1. Bea @ Bea's Book Nook27 January 2014 at 17:19

    Okay, I may be the odd man out but that scene did nothing for me. He just comes across to me as an ***hole. But, I'm also not a fan of Cole's writing so there's that.

  2. Excerpts don't need to be short. Not if they're good.

  3. It must have been tough to choose just one excerpt from this awesome book ;)

  4. He is a bit :D but I kind of love him anyway.
    I'm sorry that you don 't like KC... But we can't all like everything

  5. For me KC is very quotable, I usually want to quote the whole damn book :))

  6. I've been wanting to get my hands on these books. Hopefully soon :) thanks for sharing!

  7. I've got this on my tbr list. One day maybe.