Saturday 28 September 2013

Review: Rajmund by D.B. Reynolds

Title: Rajmund

Series: Vampires in America #3

Author: D.B. Reynolds

RAJMUND GREGOR is a vampire . . . and the undisputed Master of New York City. He bows to no one but his Sire, Krystof, who is the Vampire Lord for the entire Northeastern U.S. Based in Buffalo, NY, Krystof is an old vampire—-too old, it would seem, because he’s slowly losing his mind. Summoned back to Buffalo by his Sire, Rajmund finds his master out of touch and rapidly weakening. He knows the territory will crumble if something isn’t done, and he’s the only one of Krystof’s children strong enough to seize power. But there’s also the matter of some missing women and a rogue vampire who seems to be moving in for the kill.

SARAH STRATTON has a secret, one she’s never shared with anyone–—at least not anyone who knows her now, not even her good friend Cyn. It’s a secret that could destroy her carefully constructed life, but it’s one she may have to share with a vampire, if she’s going to save the lives of the missing women.

Joint review with Maru

Our Sarah and Raj:

Maru: Hallo Peeps! We know you can´t get enough of our here we are yet again. Aly, you there? Ready to kick some review butt?
Aly: Yes! Maru, what did you think of Buffalo, NY?
Maru: Boring until Raj gets there. You?
Aly: Very strange name for a city :)). But as you said, when Raj gets there, interesting things start to happen
Maru: Yes, creepy things were happening, but Raj gets there and everything got SUPER interesting. What did you think of Sarah´s story?
Aly: Weird. Can't make up my mind if it was in a good or a bad way...
Maru: Yeah me too, it was like you won´t tell the truth even to Cyn...who happens to be your BFF?
What about Raj?? Thoughts on him?
Aly: Big, sexy and very lovable. I think that covers everything :))
Maru: I think this gif, kinda says it all for me

or maybe this one

Aly: Visual, I like it!
Maru: Now, for the story? What did you think of it?
Aly: And yes, both of them sum it up nicely. It was ok, I loved the vamp posturing and that we got to see Cyn and Raphael. I always love it when authors give us glimpses of past characters. I didn't like the Kristof dude at all; he was so out of it and weak
Maru: Yeah me too, I think it worked very well too for the world building like in every book she adds something and it´s not super out the blue. Yeah!! Dude die already!!
Aly: :)) He just didn't know when to give it up already! The same for the sleazy con man, Blackwood or what's his name. He was an ass!
Maru: Yes! Woman it´s like you´re reading my mind!
Aly: The way he profited of the poor kidnapped girl and Sarah... I have no good insults for that.
Maru: Me either...I think he doesn´t deserve more time in our review. Let´s talk about something that does: THE STEAMY SCENES
Aly: Nymphomaniac you :))
Maru: Me?? pleahhsee
Aly: I have to say that I loved the sexual tension more than the actual sex
Maru: Oh my god. It was awesome!!! Since the scenes in books 1 and 2 weren´t WOW I had my concerns.
Aly: Raj was really good at what he was doing =))
Maru: But good Lord...I want a Raj!
Aly: Down girl! What was your favorite scene?
Maru: Mmm...the last scene was great and then I think their first kiss was cute. Oh wait! The shower scene!!
Aly: *rolling eyes*
Maru: You?
Aly: Last scene. It was sweet and I just couldn't wait to see how the author would resolve it.
Maru: Yep. Wait...what about the epilogue!?!?!?
Aly: I was open-mouthed when I read it! And almost had a heart attack :)) I had to start the next book to see what happened

Maru: Me too!! I was like yay more Raj and Sarah, and I was super surprised!! WTF?? I think we should totally start book 4
Aly: We can't :)) Wait a little longer, will you?
Maru: Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ok....but let´s hurry with whatever we are reading. Anything else to discuss?? Side characters you liked?
Aly: Em! She was crazy and loyal and smart and totally badass! You?
Maru: Em too!! I really liked her loyalty and how she teased Raj and he would get all like remember I´m your Master
Aly: She had some of the best lines.
Maru: And she would be oh, whatever...sorry master.
Aly: He had to say something :))
Maru: Agreed.
Aly: I think that covers everything, and we managed not to give spoilers too :))
Aly: And a great story =))
Maru: Until next time minions!!! Thanks Aly for your time and snark.
Rating: rating45

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