Saturday 10 December 2016

Spotlight+Giveaway: Meet Me Halfway by Kim Carmody


Today is our stop for the blog tour of Meet Me Halfway by Kim Carmody! Check out the fantastic new romance, and grab your copy today!


About Meet Me Halfway:

An ambitious journalist on a fast track to success.

A round one draft pick determined to keep his personal life his own.

And a documentary that proves sometimes opposites really do attract.

Olivia Callahan is a woman on a mission. When she lands a career defining opportunity in the male-dominated world of sports journalism, she knows it’s make or break time. Olivia’s boss has given her the green light to produce her very own documentary, and she’s not going to let anything get in the way of perfection.

After a few setbacks in college, Nate Sullivan is finally on his way to the big leagues as the newest recruit for the New York Warriors. Determined to put his somewhat colorful past behind him, Nate’s all about the straight and narrow as he sets out to prove he’s worthy of the first round draft pick that’s caused so much debate from fans and media.

The last thing Nate wants is to delve into stories from his past. But when his new team directs him to set the record straight, he has no choice but to cooperate with the feisty, determined reporter who shows up on campus. Olivia is thrilled that Nate Sullivan is her man. His colorful background is just the thing to take her story from memorable to award winning.

What neither of them expected is their attraction to one another, yet try as they might, determination gives way to temptation eventually. As Nate battles to protect his privacy and Olivia fights to produce the story of her career, they must decide what they’re willing to give up in order to gain each other.

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So maybe my memory was a little fuzzy when it came to university housing, especially the mansions that the various sporting teams always ended up occupying. Nate had led me through the living room, not stopping to introduce me to the half a dozen boys who lazed on mismatched couches in various stages of undress, playing some sort of beat-em’-up video game. One wall had a floor-to-ceiling shrine of beer cans stacked on top of one another, which would have been quite cool had it not been for the stale yeasty stench that permeated through the room. A naked blow-up doll lay half deflated and slouched in one corner, and the room clearly hadn’t seen a vacuum in a while, judging by the amount of corn chips scattered across the floor. Oh, and let’s not forget the giant bowl of condoms on the coffee table with a sign that said, No Glove = No Love.
“Charming,” I muttered.
Nate looked over his shoulder, giving me an I-told-you-so look.
I followed him up a flight of stairs and along the corridor to a door at the end. He paused there, looking down at me. “I make no apologies for this.”
Pushing the door open wide, he made way for me to step through. I moved past him and took in the sight that was Nate Sullivan’s bedroom. I only made it two steps in before I couldn’t go any further without stepping on something. Clothes, shoes and football equipment were the main culprits. That and stacks of papers everywhere which I assumed were a range of assignments and study notes. A few presumably-empty beer cans sat scattered on his desk and bedside table, along with a pizza box and a few bowls and plates that still showed remnants of what had once been a meal. The room had a stale smell, a mix of sweaty practice gear, dirty clothes, beer and leftovers. It was…well…it was gross.
I turned around to look at him, his feet planted wide, eyes narrowed and arms crossed over his chest. “I don’t get it,” I said, shaking my head.
“Don’t get what?”
I motioned with my hand up and down the length of his body, then back to the rest of the room. “I mean…”
I have a tendency to act before I think sometimes. Not often, but sometimes I do. I can’t help it. So I guess I shouldn’t have been too surprised with myself when I closed the gap between us and stuck my nose in his chest. I sniffed, then raised up onto my toes and got a good whiff along his collar bone—as close to his neck as my five foot five frame would take me.
I felt him bristle against me and thankfully realized what I was doing. I took a step back.
He stared at me in shock. “Did you just sniff me?”
Mortified, I nodded. “I’m sorry, but you’re so clean…not exactly well groomed or anything,” I said as I studied the messy blond hair that was tucked behind his ears, the rough stubble along his jaw. “But you just look…fresh.”
I nodded again. “Yes, fresh.”
And inappropriately attractive for someone five years younger than me.
I locked my knees to stop myself from fidgeting. There was no way I was letting this guy, this boy who couldn’t even make his bed in the morning, make me feel embarrassed.
He took a step closer, lowering his voice. “And how did I smell?”
I lifted my chin. “Good. Nothing like your room.”
Amazing actually. Pure maleness in a bottle. And from a twenty-two-year-old college boy, who would have thought?
He stared at me intently. “I warned you.”
“You did.”
He was so close now, the heat from his body palpable against mine. Blinking, I took a step back, and almost lost my footing as I stumbled on the mess at my feet. He grabbed me at my elbows, pulling me back to him, closer than before. “You okay?”
I nodded, my gaze flickering from his eyes to his mouth and back again. My skin prickled from his touch, from the unexpected closeness of our bodies and for a second all I could focus on was the steady in and out of my breaths while I waited for my stomach to stop doing somersaults. I cleared my throat, but the sound came out more like a squeak, and with it, Nate’s body swayed ever so slightly closer to mine. Blinking once, and then twice, I saw the moment he came back to reality and seemed to remember himself. His grip on my arms relaxed, but instead of releasing them, his hands trailed along my forearms to my wrists as if he didn’t quite trust my answer, squeezing gently before letting go completely.


About Kim Carmody:

Kim Carmody lives in Australia with her husband, in a sunny little part of Melbourne that she never wants to leave. Except for frequent trips to New York, she is happy to leave at least once a year for those.

She holds a Masters in Commerce Marketing and while she spent her younger years training to become a professional dancer, she somehow ended up working in the sports industry, where she met her now husband. Never a participant or spectator of sport growing up (she was too busy flitting around in a tutu), she has grown to appreciate, if not love many sports and eventually found herself writing about them too.

As an avid book lover from the moment she was introduced to The Babysitters Club as a seven year-old, Kim never expected to be able to call herself an author, but is beyond excited that she now can.

Meet Me Halfway is her second novel.


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