Friday 12 February 2021

Spotlight and Review: Love in Moments by Scarlett Cole


“Count on Scarlett Cole to give you everything you want in romance!”
--Carly Phillips, New York Times bestselling author.

Love in Moments, an all-new emotional and moving standalone and second book in the Love Distilled series from bestselling author Scarlett Cole is available now!

Swedish hockey player, Anders “Iceberg” Berg, is counting the days until he’s an unrestricted free agent and can land the contract he’s worth. Yet, instead of recovering and resting at home so he can play to impress his dream organization, he’s in Denver for his brother’s wedding at a gin distillery, watching the pretty brunette who organized the whole thing.

Olivia Dyer can’t wait to put the year behind her. Her father died, and the event hall she ran at her family’s distillery was destroyed. The cost to the business and her mental health more than she could ever afford to repay. Rebuilding both takes all her effort leaving little time for anything else. Except for a single night of fun with the hot hockey player who’s been watching her every move.

When a kitchen catastrophe throws Anders and Liv together, it ends with an evening neither of them can forget. It was only meant to be one night. But when Anders is unexpectedly traded to see out the rest of his contract with the Denver Rush, and his plans to leave as quickly as possible are disrupted by the sultry brunette who defines courage, their only option is to give to the attraction they feel for one another.

Yet with Liv stuck in the past and Anders firmly focused on the future, can they put aside their differences and allow themselves to find love in the present?

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I can't say this enough: Scarlett Cole made me cry, laugh and sigh while reading this book. It was perfection! I know I say this about all her books these days, but it's true. Olivia and Andres meet at his brother's wedding, have a one-night-stand and, you now, think it's only one night. Fast forward about 2 months and they meet again! He's a hockey player who's been traded to her city. We're treated to a meeting full of shock and delight, but also a lot of denial... Olivia has had a year from hell and she doesn't know if she's read for a relationship. She has had to deal with depression, anxiety and losing her dad and to make everything worst, she thins it's been all her fault. Intellectually she knows it's not true, but how do you convince your inner self? Reading about her fight has brought me to tears and you can plainly see that the author really knows what she's talking about(unfortunately). Andres is convinced he can only do one thing at a time well: either a relationship or hockey. He can't deal with a relationship so he didn't contact Livie when he moved. They meet by accident, and not only once! I love how it feels that the universe was conspiring for them to be together. He's super focused and he has trouble disengaging when he's concentrating on something. The way Ms Cole wrote the 2 of them, showing how different they are from each other, but also how well they complement themselves has made me swoon. As I was reading the book, I could see how both Andres and Olivia were fighting for their relationship. It was both easy and a lot of work and it felt so real. The same with the secondary characters, we see Olivia's brother and sister, Natalie(her best friend) and Andres' brother and Ms Cole made them feel real. All in all, I can't wait to read more books from her!

About Scarlett

Scarlett Cole is a contemporary romance author that calls both Toronto, Canada and Manchester, England home. A born city dweller, she periodically quashes the urge to live in the country by hiking up a mountain to remind herself that living away from people would terrify the pants off her.

She believes everybody deserves their love story to be told and loves her heroes on the rough and rugged side…and usually tall (because she married one of those 6ft 6” men you read about in romance!). She’s an A-type personality and Scorpio star sign, so good luck getting her to do anything she doesn’t want to.

When she isn’t writing, she’s happy to talk hot men and expensive shoes while drinking a cold gin and tonic. Don’t bring up olives. As far as Scarlett is concerned, they are the devil’s food. As long as you don’t bring up olives, she’s happy to hear from any time.

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