Wednesday 7 November 2018

Review: Beard by Molly Joseph

Title: Beard

Series: Ironclad Bodyguards #3


Jenna entered a fake marriage ten years ago when she was young and reckless, in hopes it might advance her failing Hollywood career. Ten years later, she can’t undo her mistake. Her A-list husband is too famous—and too cowardly—to admit he’s in a long-time gay relationship with a fellow actor, and at thirty-four, Jenna’s dreams have faded to dust. 

Then Caleb Winchell enters her life. The taciturn, Texas-bred bodyguard is as handsome as he is capable, and Jenna’s lonely world is rocked. He’s a true and honest force in her dishonest existence, standing by her side as she fake smiles her way through the smothering farce of her life. Caleb helps her breathe again, but she can’t act on her deepening feelings toward her bodyguard. He’s a professional, and he never breaks the rules. 

And she’s a married woman…even if it’s all a sham. 

I loved this book! Ms Joseph always writes amazing stories with really complex characters.

All is not as it seems in Jenna's life. Actually, nothing is! Caleb is hired as her personal bodyguard and he discovers a woman who has lost trust in people and has lost herself along the way... I loved how Ms Joseph dealt with the celebrity lifestyle, she always finds a new way to look at it and I always love her interpretations :)

We catch up with characters from other books and I hope we'll see more stories with Caleb's siblings :)

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