Monday, 2 January 2017

#HRChallenge2017 Review: Twice Fallen by Emma Wildes

Title: Twice Fallen
Series: Ladies in Waiting #2
Author: Emma Wildes

Lady Lillian Bourne is re-entering society after her disastrous elopement four years ago, and has to be the very picture of propriety. But when she finds herself locked in a library with an enigmatic stranger during a party, she risks falling from grace a second time...

After years working as a spy, Lord Damien Northfield finds London tedious-until his encounter with the lovely but notorious Lily. When he's enlisted to investigate a scheme of blackmail and murder, he's thrilled to discover that Lily may be the key to catching a ruthless killer...

Main characters:
Lady Lillian Bourne
Lord Damien Northfield

What I Liked:
Emma Wildes has made fan out of me with her imaginative writing. Every time I pick one of her stories, I know I won't get bored. In this one we have a mystery and 2 love stories :)
Lily and Damien are intrigued by each other from the start and this continues throughout the book. Damien is a bit secretive, but as he spends more time with Lily he starts to confide in her. They make a great team.

Favorite character: The Dowager Duchess was so much fun!

Favorite scene:
The library scene when they first met.

Would I recommend the book: Totally!

Final rating:

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