Sunday 5 June 2016

Review: Worth the Wait by Joey W. Hill

Title: Worth the Wait 
Author: Joey W. Hill

Is he worth the heartbreak? 

At nearly forty, Julie isn’t so sure she’ll ever find a man who is, so she’s vowed that all her big 4-0 decisions will have zip to do with relationships. A successful theater manager, she agrees to travel to North Carolina and help a friend put her erotic performance theater on its feet. Julie has always been curious and drawn to the BDSM world, and now she can safely explore that world in the environment she knows best.

Desmond Hayes is the roofing contractor repairing their rundown theater building, but he’s also a rigger, well-known in the BDSM world for his rope artistry. He’s not just a top, though; he’s a Dom whose unexpected quirks mesh too well with Julie’s eccentric personality and awaken her submissive side.

From the time he was born, Des has been fighting the odds against him. Because of that, he’s kept his relationships inside the BDSM scene with clear boundaries. While Julie has almost given up on finding a person worth loving through better or worse—or pleasure and pain—Des never expected to receive that gift.

He’s not letting that treasure get away—no matter how much rope he has to use to bind her to him.

OMG this woman always makes me cry!

Every time I read a JWH book I know I'm in for a romantic, thoughtful, heart-wrenching book. In spite of it, she always manages to surprise me.

Des' and Julie's story is a lovely journey. Their learning to trust each other and relay on each other was the main plot of the book, everything else was window dressing. I loved how their quirks and personalities lined up. There are so many things to tell about them, but I won't do it. I would spoil the experience. Let me just say that everything feels natural and as it should be.

JWH also loves to visit past characters(YAY!). I haven't read this series yet so Marcus and Thomas are new to me, but Madison and Logan are old favorites. Ms Hill manages to intertwine her series/worlds so well that everything so organic. I never have moments of "what the hell is X character doing here? He isn't supposed to be here, damn it!", the only thing I'm thinking is "heh, I knew Y was going to help with this"(or along the line :D)

All in all, for Ms Hill's stories, I might even get over my aversion of femdoms and M/M.


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