Wednesday 10 October 2018

Fraterfest Readathon

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  • Spread the Word Grab the button and/or use social media to share the signup post
  • Read or Listen Between Midnight October 11th and ending at 11:59 pm October 16th read or listen to thrillers, mysteries, paranormal, horror, supernatural, witchy, ghostly, fantasy, or serial killer novels and novellas. (to clarify..these can be cozies and include romance. No need to sleep with the lights on if you don’t fancy a good scare!)
  • Share your progress on Twitter or Instagram using #FraterfestRAT
  • Participate in at least one challenge.
  • Create a shelf on Goodreads  (or blog post) marked FraterfestRAT to share your progress
  • Win, Have Fun, Discuss Books and Make New Friends

I've seen the readathon a few weeks ago, and decided I had to join! It sounds so fun and you can never have too many excuses to read PNR, UF and Fantasy Romance(aka that's what I'll read :D).

I'll add here the books as I complete them:

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