Tuesday 19 December 2017

Review: Venus Desiring by Golden Angel

Title: Venus Desiring
Series: Venus Rising Book 3
Author: Golden Angel

Jessica's best friend Hilary has had several run in's with Liam, a sexy Dom from Stronghold who is good friends with Jessica's boyfriends Justin and Chris. While Hilary finds him attractive, and he's just as attracted to her, she's not sure that the BDSM scene is for her and hes not sure he wants to invest time in a newbie to the scene. Liam's been looking for a relationship for awhile, but he finds that a lot of subs want more bondage and punishment than he's interested in. Is Hilary what he's been looking for? And will she find the courage to let them try?

Meanwhile, Jessica's family is less than supportive as she struggles to come to terms with the reality of having two boyfriends who share her. Justin and Chris want to take their relationship to the next level, but how can she when her parents are avoiding her because of that relationship?

The 3rd book in the series centers around Jessica and the men's relationship, but also around Hilary and Liam.

Jessica and her man have a great relationship, but the real world is intruding. Chris has practically been disowned and Jessica's parents are ignoring her calls. I love how real the whole relationship feels. usually menage relationships are presented like a rosy thing: no relatives disapprove(or are included). no real pressure to be "normal", no work intrudes... Ms Angel shows all the gritty details and it makes everything better!

Hilary and Liam are finally working out what they want from each other. They are dating in the real world and finding out if besides the great chemistry, they would fit in each other's lives.

Both girls are introducing their men to their friends at a Halloween party. You have to read the book to see how it all goes(hint: fireworks!). All in all, I like how Ms Angels keeps everything progressing while also showing us even more about the inner workings of her characters.

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