Tuesday 12 January 2021

Spotlight and Review: A Season for Treason by Golden Angel

Author: Golden Angel

A traitor. A courtship. A scandalous Season.
In the race against time, will this pair reach the altar or the traitor first?

In the service of England's spymaster (well, his niece, but surely he'll appreciate the help), Miss Mary Wilson is on a mission to uncover a treasonous plot. Though her only clue leads to the debaucherous secret society of the Marquess of Hartford, a lifetime of being overlooked should ensure her access to all of the gossip her assignment will require. There's just one problem: Mary is due to find a husband this Season and her Aunt Elizabeth, the Viscountess Hood, is determined to see her niece shine bright.

Focused on finding the perfect bride this Season, the Marquess of Hartford, known to his friends as Rex, finds himself distracted by the quiet Miss Wilson as she continually turns up everywhere she shouldn't be. As Rex considers the misbehaving Miss Wilson, a curious thought occurs to him. Is it possible that she could be the kind of bride who would enjoy life by his side and the pursuits of the Society of Sin?

 I keep saying this, but it bears repeating: I love Ms Angel's writing style and stories. She is one of my auto-buy authors, even some of her weirder books(which this isn't one of). 

This book is the 1st in a new series, a romantic suspense one with domestic discipline. It's connected to the Bridal discipline series and Bridal Discipline one, so obviously there were a few repeat characters. Let me start by saying that she blended really well the suspense element with the romance, neither felt just tacked on. The romance wouldn't have worked without the suspense and vice versa.

Mary is one of those women who could disappear in a room, people sometimes forgot she was there... She's in her 2nd season and she wants to find a husband in this one because she doesn't want to burden her aunt's and uncle's family anymore, and she also wants to help her friend Evie uncover a plot against the crown. Just imagine that those 2 goals don't really work well together. She attracts the attention of the Marquess of Hartford, a renowned rake, without knowing how she did so. She also has to infiltrate his secret society because someone might be a suspect there...

Hartford doesn't know what to do with his attraction to Mary, he also thins it will pass after he marries and beds her(men are idiots, are they not?). Mary isn't sure she wants to marry him, but she's attracted to him and she also wants to know more about his friends... I loved seeing them be so confused and trying to explain away their feelings.

The book has an overarching plot, that I'm sure will continue through out the series with Mary's other 3 friends, who BTW, I think I now who they will pair of to. The secondary characters were really great, especially since we knew about half of them. Also, one of my favorite characters from this world made an appearance: Cynthia is the best! I swear that every time she's in a scene, she manages to steal it. I am so glad that Ms. Angel loves her as much as I do and that she can't control her and she manages to pop up in so many of the books :D

I am very intrigued with Mary's 3 friends and I can't wait how they will get their HEAs. Please Ms Angel, write faster!


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