Monday 24 October 2016

Review: Lady Lost by Jane Goodger

Title: Lady Lost
Series: The Lost Heiresses #3
Author: Jane Goodger

All Marcus Granton wants is to be left alone to lick his wounds after the humiliating scandal of his wife’s death in another man’s bed. Secluded in his moldering seaside estate on the cliffs of the Black Sea, he suddenly finds himself host to Lady Lilian Martin, one small child, and an annoying cache of servants all bent on ruining his solitude. Seems the lady got herself into a bit of a pickle and is accused of murder, of all things. Now she must rely on him for protection—and to keep his thoughts and hands away from her delectable body.

Lilian has no intention of spending any more time with the insufferable Lord Marcus Granton than she has to. But at every turn, circumstances force her into his company, and by the time she truly makes her escape, it's far too late for her...and her heart.

This is the 3rd story in the series, where the heroines get into trouble, and it was lovely. I really like Ms Goodger’s writing style.  She manages to make the hero an asshole, but at the same time makes me love him, really understand why he’s doing what he’s doing and give him a very redeeming spark from the start 

The novel starts with the heroine being courted by the duke the heroine in book 2 ran from. It was a disaster and he’s a reprehensible asshole! He made me want to barf! Anyway, you guys can celebrate he was killed off in chapter 1. Unfortunately the heroine is accused of the deed(she didn’t do it). She runs away and, in the end, finds the hero. From there on he gripes and moans about everything, regardless his enjoyment of her, her company and everything else that happens.

This historical was a breath of fresh air, and I managed to read it at the perfect moment. It was the best choice I could have made. it had the right amount of drama, humor and heart. I recommend this book and series and author wholeheartedly.

PS: When I read the excerpt from the end of book 2, there was a mention of “Black Sea”.  I was sure the book was set somewhere around the real Black Sea :D

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